MARCH 17-18, 2018 MATCHES

1. Division 1. NY Athletic Club vs. NY Greek Americans. Referee report does not indicate that the referees asked or attempted to start the match or that they checked any of the two teams before deciding to abandon the match. Referees provided inadequate reports and were unfamiliar with rules. Match to be replayed. 

2. Division 1. Manhattan Kickers vs. Doxa FC. The Doxa FC claim is denied. To be "registered" for an amateur player implies being on a roster and having some kind of active participation in a club. Therefore, a player who did not have any involvement in the last 5 matches spanning over 4 months cannot be considered actively registered. Additionally, the league office who may be considered responsible for monitoring these situations issued a player card giving the impression of the above to the new club. Player was inactive and therefore can play for new club this season. 

3. Division 1 Reserves. NY Athletic Club Reserves vs. NY Greek Americans Reserves. No printed roster present but was available electronically. Match should not have been abandoned. Referee was unfamiliar with rules. Match to be replayed. 

4. Division 2 Reserves. KidSuper Samba AC Reserve. FORFEIT 3-0. $200 FINE TO BE PAID TO MALATYASPOR USA RESERVE.
5. Over-38 Division. SC Eintracht Over-30. FORFEIT 3-0. $200 FINE TO BE PAID TO MANHATTAN CLETIC MASTERS.










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