May 10-11, 2014 Matches

1. Manessis, Spiros, (Pass#130-15838-50). Doxa FC, 2nd Div. 1st offense. 2nd yellow card. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

2. Panagiotis, Andreou (Pass#137-15669-86). NY Greek American, O-30 1st Div. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B, Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

3. The game between Missile FC & Grenadier Metro 1 Div. Grenadier wasn't there on time. Referee call the game off at 8:32pm. Grenadier will be fined $300 & lose the points.

4. The game between Mola SC & Homenetmen of NY Metro 2 Div. Mola SC forfeited the game. Mola SC will be fined $300, lose the points & pay the referee's fee.

5. The between C.P.R. Gray's & NY Dinamo O-30 1st Div. NY Dinamo forfeited the game. NY Dinamo will be fined $300 & lose the points. C.P.R. Gray's will pay the referee's fee.

6. The game between Hoboken Veterans & NYPD FC O-30 2nd Div. B. NYPD FC forfeited the game. NYPD did not show up. They will be fined $300 & lose  the points.

7. Moss, Gregory (Pass#136-15286-15). C.P.R. White, 1st Div. Res. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Rough play. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

8. Cowan, Scott (Pass#148-16345-64). Barnstonworth Rovers 1st Div. Res. 1st offense. Rule VI-6C Insulting opponent. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

9.  Metro City Fury vs. NY Ittihad Metro 2 Div.  Metro City Fury did not show and forfeited the game.  Team will lose the points and be fined $300.









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