November 16-17, 2013 Matches

1.  The games between United FC & Barnstonworth Rovers 1st & Res. Div. passes were in a bag in the car were stolen. Barnstonworth Rovers 1st & Res. will forfeit the games. United FC will get the 3 points.

2. NY Croatia & NY Athletic Club 1st Div. Res. NY Croatia Coach try to put a player in under someone else pass. This is the Coaches 2nd offense. On 9/29/13 he tried to do the same thing with same referee. The coach, Ryan Doran, is SUSPENDED (from coaching) 4 GAMES & Fined $200.

3. Espinoza. S. Pass#130-15247-39. "Metro 1 Div." Sporting Astoria SC. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B. Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

4. M R. Pass#137-15747-72. "Metro 1 Div." Grenadier Zenith. 1st offense. Rule VI-6D Insulting referee. After player was given second yellow card he started calling referee 4 letter words & a racist M.F. & a few more innapropriate words. 4 GAME SUSPENSION & $100 Fine. Fine must be paid before player can play again.  The language was RACIST & VERY ABUSIVE.  5. Wilkimps. F. Pass#138-15495-10. Grenadier Zenith "Metro 1 Div." 1st offense. Rule VI-6D Insulting Referee. After the game was over player cursed referee & called him a racist & a few other words. 4 GAME SUSPENSION. Team must send player pass to League.  

6. Grenadine Zenith was late over 20 minutes for the game. This not the 1st time this has happened. The team has been warned numerous times. They were told to be on the field a half hour before starting time. They will fined $100 for being late. In this game the team had numerous RACIAL outbursts.  The C.S.L. will not tolerate that type of behavior and team will be fined $250. Racism is not part of the game. Fines must be paid before 2nd half of the season starts. Total fines are $450.










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