October 12-13, 2013 Matches

1. Kravilovsky, Joshau Pass#139-15393-65, Barnstonworth Rovers "1st Div." 1st offense. Denied goal scoring opportunity. 1 GAME SUSPENSION

2. Allamorad, Hashim Pass#133-15440-45. NY Greek Americans Res. "1st Div." 1st offense. Rule VI-6B. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

3. Burke, Andrew Pass#132.15393-05 Manhattan Kickers Res. "1st Div." 1st offense. Rule VI-6D. Verbal abuse & dissent. 2 GAME SUSPENSION. 4. Grafas, Paul Pass#134-15371-58. Doxa FC "2nd Div." 1st offense. Rule VI.6B. Violent conduct. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

5. Sapountzis, Konstantinos Pass#135-15320-21. Doxa FC. 1st offense. Rule VI-6D. Was given a Red Card for Serious Foul Play & started cursing at the referee & using 4 letter words.  4 GAME SUSPENSION.

6. Garcia,Omar. Pass#138-15578-05. Bravehearts. "Metro 1 Div." 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

7. Hernandez, C. Pass#135-15502-73. Sporting Astoria. "Metro 1 Div." 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

8. Jimenz, Cesar Pass#137-15525-64. Argo Silver "O-30 Div. 2/B." 2nd yellow card. 1 offense. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

9. The between Homenetmen of NY & NY Galicia. "Metro 2 Div." The game was not played because NY Galicia had no ID Cards. NY Galicia forfeited the game & will be fined $200.00. Homenetmen will get the 3 points.

10. Llagami, Abdanat  Pass#138-15443-10. NY Dinamo "O-30 Div. 1" 1st offense. Rule VI-6D. Player was showed 2nd yellow card. Leaving the field he started cursing & taunting the referee. Starter cursing his mother & called her names. It took his teammates about 5 minutes to get him off the field. the CSL will not stand for behavior like that. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

11. Sapountzis, Taso  Pass #137-15320-29 "COACH" Doxa FC 2nd Div. Rule VI-6D. 1st offense. Cursing referee in 4 letter words & took 3 minutes to leave the field of play. Read referees report for more. 4 GAME SUSPENSION & $200.00 12. Hunter, Conner Pass #135-15300-98. Lansdowne Bhoys ."1st Div". 1st offense. Rule VI-6B. Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

13.  Vazquez, Carlos Pass#130-15262-46. CD Iberia  "2nd Div". 1st offense. Rule VI-6E. Assault of opponent. Fighting. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

14.Woods, John Pass#135-15371-99. NY Ukrainians "2nd Div". 1st offense. Rule VI-6E. Assault of opponent. Fighting. 4GAME SUSPENSION.

15. O-30 Div. 2nd Div. B. RTG forfeited game against Hoboken FC 1912 Veterans. RTG will be fined & Hoboken FC;will get the 3 points.













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