September 14-15, 2013 Matches

1. Hall, Orlando Alexander, Pass#138-15348-37, SC Eintracht  "Metro 2 Div. 1st offence. Rule VI-6B Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

2. Bigdell, Farzan, Pass# 137-15440-25, NY Ittihad FC "Metro 2 Div. 1st offence. Rule VI-6B Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

3. Di-Bona, Pass#136-152641, Banatul SC "Over 30-Div.2/B". 1st offence. Rule VI-6E, Headbutted opponent. 6 GAME SUSPENSION.

4. Bloom, Gilad Pass#130-15342-38, Manhattan Kickers O-30. Over 30-Div. 1. 1st offence. Rule VI-6D Insulting referee. Cursing & gestures. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

5. Maris, Nicholas Pass#130-15438-26, Pancrypians Freedoms Res. "1st Division". 1st offence. Rule VI-6B Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

6. Mykolaitis, Kestutis Pass#130-15357-77, Stal Mielec , "1st Division". 1st offence. Rule VI-6D Insulting referee. Cursing referee. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

7.The coach Kurasiewicz of Stal Mielec started harassing the referee and was warned 2 times. He was given a RED CARD. Referee called off the game because no one else had coaches pass. He still kept on harassing referee. The coach will receive a 2 GAME SUSPENSION & a $200 fine.

8. The between Polonia Res. & Flank United Res. 2nd Division. Flank United had no passes. Referee called off game. Polonia wins 3-0 & gets the three points. 








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