League Policies & Regulations




A delegate may only represent one club at any league meeting.



In addition to any fines designated in the Bylaws, the following fines shall be in effect:

Failure to report score by 12:00 noon on Monday..... $25.00

No corner flags..... $25.00

Non-matching or improper uniforms..... $25.00



All teams must provide the league office with the name and location of their home field prior to the start of the season. Any 1st division club that does not have designated home field is subject to forfeit, relegation or a denial of promotion to the first division.  



Any league team participating in an indoor tournament not organized by this league, must also participate in the CSL's indoor tournament.  



The home team shall be responsible for visible, correct and clear markings of the playing field; proper goal nets; providng match balls; and corner flags. If a home team fails to have the field properly marked and have proper goal nets, match balls and have corner flags placed after the referee has given the team the necessary time, the team may be punished by losing the game, fined, or both.



Any league playoff, championship or league cup match which ends in a draw at the end of regulation, shall proceed to kicks from the penalty mark. There is no overtime period.



This league uses a paper player pass system where the player pass is part of the computer generated match day roster form. 


All teams must submit a match day roster form with clear, colored player pictures before the start of any league or cup match. If a player picture is unclear, the referee has the authority to ask for an additional form of identification. 


To be eligible to play in any and all matches under the jurisdiction of this league, each player's name and picture must appear on the match day roster form. Any player whose name and/or picture does not appear on the match day roster form is ineligible to play. 



No scheduled game shall be postponed without the consent of the League Office and both clubs involved.



The champions of the divisions will receive the following prize money:

Division I - $5,000.00

Division I Reserves - $750.00

Division II - $750.00

Division II Reserves - $500.00

Metro Division 1 - $750.00

Metro Division 2 - $500.00

Over-30 Division - $500.00

Over-39 Division - $500.00



The home team is responsible for the payment of the center referee fee. In the 1st division, assistant referees are automatically assignd and the home team is responsible for the payment of the assistant referee fees. In the 2nd division, assistant referees are automatically assigned unless both teams agree to play without assistant referees and assistant referee fees are evenly split between the two competing teams in all matches that assistant referees are assigned.  



Any member club that has an outstanding balance of over $500.00 for over 60 days will not be permitted to regaiter any additional players until the balance is below $500.00.  



Relegation and promotion exists between the 1st Division and 2nd Division; Metro Division 1 and Metro Division 2; and the Over-30 1st Division and Over-30 2nd Division. In order to play in the 1st Division or 2nd Division, a club must field both a first team and reserve team. Therefore, if a club wins Metro Division 1 and is unable to field a reserve team, the club cannot move to the 2nd division.


In divisions organized as a single table, the top 2 teams in the table are promoted to the higher division and the bottom 2 teams in the table are relegated to the lower division. In divisions organized in split groups, the top team in each group is promoted to the higher division and bottom team in each group is relegated to the lower division.


*The amount of teams may flucuate depending on how many spots are available in the divisions. The goal is to allow teams to promote but at the same time, the divisions need to be balanced as best as possible.


**Clubs may be able to move from the Metro Division 1 to the 2nd division if they form a reserve team but this will be decided on a case by case basis.



All teams must use only the designed computer generated roster form for all matches. The roster form must be printed within 48 hours of the match, i.e. Friday for a Sunday match. Failure to submit the league designated roster form will result in the offending team forfeiting the match. Submitting a roster form dated prior to the time set forth by the League, shall subject the offending team to a fine of $25.00. 



The league schedule generally starts the weekend after Labor Day and runs to the end of May or June with a winter break in January and February. The league office may schedule make up matches in January or February.


1st and 2nd division reserve team matches are played immediately prior to first team matches unless agreed upon by both competing teams and the League Office.  



If a player is suspended as a result of receiving a red card or an accumulation of yellow cards, he will be suspended until 24 hours after the match of the team for which he is listed on the league roster. So, for instance, if a player listed on a reserve team roster receives a two match suspension as a result of actions during a first team match, that player will be suspended until 24 hours after his team has played its next two reserve team matches, including cup matches. The player will be suspended for all league and cup matches during the suspension period. 


If a team is not notified by 12:00 noon on a Friday of a player being suspended as a result of yellow card accumulations, the player's suspension shall be carried to the following week.


Card accumulations are cleared at the end of the regular season and do not carry over into any playoff or championship matches. 



The home team shall always wear their “home” jerseys (except white) and the away team shall wear either white jerseys or colors that do not conflict with the home team’s jersey colors. The away team must change jerseys if there is a conflict.


All players on a team must wear matching jerseys, shorts and socks.  



Only those players who have attained the age of 39 may play in the Over-39 Division, except that each team in the division may have three (3) players who have either: (1) attained the age of 34 or (2) attained the age of 33 and were rostered by the team the previous season.


If one of the designated exceptions is a player on a club's non Over-39 Division team, that player shall remain one of the three (3) exceptions unless released by the club or the league office is notified between December 31 and February 15 that the player is no longer an exception. Any Over-39 team, which adds more than three (3) designated exception players to its roster, or violates 1 or 2 above, shall be subject to forfeit any games played while using the illegal roster as well as a $100 fine to each opposing team where the illegal roster had been used. 









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