Help us Rebuild Pier 40 For All!

By CosmoLeague & Hudson River Park Friends

Help us Rebuild Pier 40 For All!

Dear CSL Members,

Hudson River Park is on its way to being completed, but still has a long road ahead. Four new beautiful piers -- 26, 55, 57 and 97 -- are on their way.

Pier 40 still needs a plan. It is dispiriting to see it today: leaky roof, soggy ball fields, and a building that blocks 800 feet of river views. Instead of generating income -- which the entire Park relies on -- it is draining money from the Park's operating budget. Pier 40 must be rebuilt and must be allowed to generate income for the entire Park.

Learn more about Pier 40 here & join the Pier 40 For All Coalition!

Last year, after years of neighborhood discussion on this issue, Community Board 2 devoted nine months to issuing recommendations for Pier 40.

Hudson River Park Friends met with our elected officials who promised to work together to come up with a plan.  We are optimistic that this plan will finally come to fruition -- but we need your help to move it forward.

The time for action and rebuilding Pier 40 is now!

Please let us know if we can add your name or your organization to the Pier 40 For All coalition. In the weeks ahead, we will help you make your voices heard.

We ask that you rally your friends, neighbors and colleagues to join us and sign onto our campaign, Pier 40 for All. Pier 40 For All wants an expanded public process, public input of ideas for the commercial and recreational parts of the pier, and a change in the Hudson River Park Act to allow office space and a longer lease to attract the types of development needed to successfully rebuild the pier.

We need ball fields that provide for active and healthy lives for kids and adults. We need open space for all Park users. We have an enormous opportunity to remake Pier 40 For All -- for ballplayers, joggers, walkers, dog owners and other Park users.

Join us. Together we can rebuild Pier 40 For All!

Thank you!

Connie Fishman & Tony Simone,
Hudson River Park Friends










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