State Cups Schedule

All players are cup tied and they must be listed on your team roster.  Clubs with more than one team cannot use players from other teams within their club.  Please email the office if you have any questions regarding this rule.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a Forfeit.
Please call your cup supervisor if you have any questions or changes about the cup you are participating in. Any changes made MUST be approved by the supervisor.   
The winning team must also report the score to the cup supervisor after the game (via email or phone call).  Failure to do so, will result in a  $100 fine by the State Office.
Dr. Manning Cup:  D’Arpino Cup
Marth Cup
Mario Treglia Annmary Reljanovic
Alfonso Vargas
e-mail: C: (201) 390-2072
C: (917) 915-3110
W: (718) 520-8145
Flamhaft Cup
Alfonso Vargas Strumpf Cup
C: (917) 915-3110 Annmary Reljanovic
W: (718) 520-8145 C: (201) 390-2072
e-mail: e-mail:
DATE: 11/10/18 - SATURDAY    STATE CUPS - ROUND 2    
MANNING CUP (1st teams of the First Division)      
Zum Schneider 1st team (CSL) vs. Lansdowne Yonkers 1st team (CSL) Randalls Island Field 75 8:00 PM 
D'ARPINO CUP (Reserve teams of the First Division and Reserve teams of the Second Division)  
Zum Schneider FC Reserve (CSL) vs. Cedar Stars Academy Reserve (CSL) Randalls Island Field 75 6:00 PM
Panatha USA Reserve (CSL) vs. Lansdowne Yonkers Reserve (CSL) Randalls Island Field 74 6:00 PM
NY Shamrock Reserve (CSL) vs. Doxa FC Reserve (CSL) Randalls Island Field 70 7:00 PM
STRUMPF CUP (Metro 1 and Metro 2 teams)      
Lansdowne Bhoys metro (CSL) vs. Richmond County (CSL) Tibbets Field 1  6:00 PM
MANNING CUP (1st teams of the First Division)
Cedar Stars Academy 1st team (CSL) vs. NY Athletic Club 1st team (CSL) Ramapo College  12:00 PM 
NY Greek American 1st team (CSL) vs. NY Shamrock 1st team (CSL) Met Oval  8:00 PM 
NY Pancyprians 1st team (CSL) vs. Serbia (LISFL) St. John's Univeristy  4:30 PM
D'ARPINO CUP (Reserve teams of the First Division and Reserve teams of the Second Division)
NY Pancyprian Reserve (CSL) vs. Polonia Gwardia Reserve (CSL) St. John's University  6:30 PM 
Sporting FC South Bronx Reserve (CSL) vs. Real Ole Reserve (CSL) Soundview Park  10:00 AM
NY Athletic Club Reserve (CSL) vs. Manhattan Kickers Reserve (CSL) Travers Island  10:00 AM
Williamsburg International Reserve (CSL) vs. NY Greek American Reserve (CSL) Met Oval  6:00 PM 
FLAMHAFT CUP (1st teams of the Second Division)
CPR Red 1st team (CSL) vs. PDB NYI Rovers (LISFL) Randalls Island Field 75  12:00 PM 
Manhattan Kickers 1st team (CSL) vs. BW Gottschee (LISFL) Randalls Island Field 75  8:00 PM 
Sporting Astoria 1st (CSL) vs. FC Japan 1st team (CSL) Soundview Park  12:00 PM 
Brishna 1st team (CSL) vs. Stal Mielec 1st team (CSL) Randalls Island Field 70 3:00 PM
Ossining (EDSL) vs. Williamsburg International 1st team (CSL)
Germania (EDSL) vs. Kid Super Samba 1st team (CSL)
Forest Park (LISFL) vs. Polonia Gwardia 1st team (CSL)
Port Jefferson (LISFL) vs. Manhattan Celtic 1st team (CSL)
STRUMPF CUP (Metro 1 and Metro 2 teams)
NY Galicia (CSL) vs. NYC Metro Stars (CSL) Randalls Island Field 74 2:00 PM
NYPD Futbol Enforcers (CSL) vs. FZ Sandzak (CSL) Randalls Island Field 75 6:00 PM
Beyond Metro (CSL) vs. Missile FC (CSL) Randalls Island Field 74 4:00 PM
NYC Afganistan (CSL) vs. NY Shamrock 1960 (CSL) Flushing Meadow Field 9 12:00 PM
Mr. Dennehy's (CSL) vs. NY Ittihad (CSL) Greenbelt Recreation Center  11:00 AM
Gotham Argo (CSL) vs. FC Ulquini metro 2 (CSL) Pier 40 WEST 9:00 PM
NY Irish (CSL) vs. Asteras NY Randalls Island Field 75 2:00 PM
SSCD (LISFL) vs. Mola (CSL)
MARTH CUP (Over 30 & Over 39 Division teams)
Shamrock (CSL) vs. Baisley United (LISFL) Randalls Island Field 75 10:00 AM
CPR Old Boys (CSL) vs. NY Greek American (CSL) Randalls Island Field 74 10:00 AM
Manhattan Celtic Bhoys (CSL) vs. Integral (LISFL) Randalls Island Field 75 4:00 PM
NY Hota (LISFL) vs. Between Rivers (CSL)
Glen Cove (LISFL) vs. CPR Orange (CSL)
LI Gaels (LISFL) vs. NY Pancyprians (CSL)
VARGAS CUP (Over 40 Players)
Banatul SC (CSL) vs. Manhattan Celtic Masters (CSL) Randalls Island Field 75 8:00 AM 
Doxa FC Legends (CSL) vs. Barnstonworth Rovers Veterans (CSL) Lehman High School  6:00 PM
Barnstonworth Old Boys (CSL)  vs. SC Gjoa (CSL) Bush Terminal  12:00 PM 








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