Both Richmond and Celtic Win Big while Kelmendi Shocks Williamsburg in Week 9

By Matthew Waheibi

Both Richmond and Celtic Win Big while Kelmendi Shocks Williamsburg in Week 9

With games already going on in Week 10, let's quick get into last weekend's recap:

Saturday, November 16th

Manhattan Celtic vs Real Ole (5-0)

The cold New York November night was no issue for Manhattan Celtic as they dominated the full 90 minutes, netting five against Real Ole and without keeper, Dario Cabañas getting his gloves dirty.

The score line made it very clear who had control of this game. Endless chances were created in the first half but Celtic couldn’t put anything on target. A more aggravated, determined and persistent Celtic side put finishers on their scoring attempts in the second half. Michael Konadou, Marco Charnas, Dan Korman and Jamie Reilly all got on the score sheet.

After the game Head Coach, Matthew Kane said in an email, “This game meant too much to our squad to even allow it to be close.” It was easy to see that Real Ole have incredible individual talent but collectively, they could not piece anything against Celtic. Real didn’t come to the game with the same mentality as Celtic, and it showed.

Celtic entered the game not having won since almost a month ago against FC Ulqini. Winning against Real Ole will help keep their top spot going into the spring and prove to the rest of the division that they’re a team that can bounce back and stay on top.

FC Japan vs FC Ulqini (1-1)

Both goals were scored early in the game, but multiple chances were created from both sides—it was hard to believe there wasn’t a clear winner from this game.

FC Ulqini launched a long ball into the FC Japan half forcing defenders to turn and chase but Uliqni forward, Erbet Hoti finished the job and netted Ulqini’s lone goal. FC Japan answered within minutes after Uliqini concede a penalty in their box. FC Japan captain, Ken Mochizuki stepped up to the penalty spot and scored leaving the game 1-1 till the final whistle.

Sunday, November 17th 

NYPD FC vs DeSportiva Sociedad NY (2-2)
No game information was provided by either team

This is the first tie of the season for both NYPD FC and DeSportiva Socidad NY. Both teams have their next game against Stal Mielec NY. DeSportiva will get two weeks to prepare while NYPD will only get one.

Kelmendi FC NY vs Williamsburg International (5-2)
No goal scorer information was provided by Kelmendi FC NY

After putting up a good fight against Manhattan Celtic last week, Williamsburg International struggled to do the same against D2 newcomers, Kelmendi FC NY.

Williamsburg played the first half struggling to find their rhythm and footing. Kelmendi would take advantage and score two goals within the first 15 minutes. John Kaddo would get on the scoresheet for Williamsburg but Kelmendi answered Kaddo’s goal and the half would end, 3-1.

Williamsburg were able to collect themselves after a rough half, finding good opportunities and chances in the Kelmendi half. Kaddo gets on the scoresheet again in the 2nd half but Kelmendi proved they were still the better squad and they ended the game putting five goals against Williamsburg. That’s more goals than what they’ve scored all season.

Beyond FC vs Afghan FC NY (3-2)
No game information was provided by either team

Away side, Afghan FC marks down another win. This is the eighth game in a row for Afghan FC where the “visiting” team walks away with a victory. Afghan FC have won four games based off this stat.

Manhattan Kickers vs Polonia Gwardia NY (2-3)

Polonia Gwardia had scored eleven goals in three games before arriving at Randall’s Island on Sunday and they were looking to rack up more goals against the strong backline of the Manhattan Kickers.

The Polonia back line must’ve not seen Kicker’s game tape from last week, if so, they wouldn’t have given so much real estate to Kickers’ forward, Francois-Xavier Thiolliere who would bury the game’s first goal. Polonia would answer with a screamer from 18 yards out, ending the first half 1-1. The start of the second half was well controlled by Kickers, but a slip up would turn into a great counter attack by Polonia striking another goal from 19 yards out. The last two goals occurred in the final ten minutes. Polonia scored off a rebound and Kickers’ Trev Benson was left alone in the wing and scored off a one-time finish.

The frustration amongst the Kickers was growing throughout the game. They were able to get inside the Polonia 18 but couldn’t put the ball on target and while they held possession for most of the game, Polonia took advantage of every error and scored. Polonia now sit three points below Kickers in sixth place and will need to rely on their counter-attacking skills again as they face Manhattan Celtic on Sunday, November 24th. 

Stal Mielec vs. NY Ukrainians (3-1)
No game information was provided by either team

Stal Mielec gained three points on Sunday as they put three past NY Ukrainians. This is Mielec’s second win of the season. Their first win was when they beat Real Ole, 5-1.

Central Park Rangers FC vs. Richmond County FC (0-6)
No goal scorer information was provided by Richmond County FC

After a long injury, Facundo Zalazar made the return in midfield for Central Park Rangers, however his arrival back didn’t go as expected.

The full 90 minutes was an uphill battle for Central Park. With Zalazar back from injury, Rangers were still missing five of their starting eleven including star forwards, Timur Mone and Edoardo Costa. A strong Richmond back line looked even better as the fill-in reserves couldn’t create any successful chances.

A large scramble for the ball inside the Rangers’ six would open up the scoring in the 35th minute and the half would end with another Richmond goal, 2-0. The second half is when Richmond really started to wear down a weaker Rangers side which lead to four more goals before the final whistle. Richmond, in 4th place are three points away from jumping into 2nd.

After the match Rangers’ Manager, Mike Carducci said in an email, “We've got one more match in the fall and are just aiming to get healthy in the spring, when we should be a totally different team.”












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