Division 1 Playoff Scenarios For the Final Few Weeks of 2018-19

By Michael Battista

Division 1 Playoff Scenarios For the Final Few Weeks of 2018-19

With the end of the regular season fast approaching the playoff hunt is also nearing its end for most teams in CSL's first division. By the end of this weekend two more teams may be officially eliminated from contention and one may clinch its's spot. 

With some hopes hanging on by a thread, let's a take a look and see who has to do what to make the postseason:

1: NY Pancyprian Freedoms (40 pts) - The Freedoms will clinch the first seed overall with a win this week.

Currently in position, AKA “Win and You’re In:”
2: Cedar Stars Academy (31 pts) - CSA’s fate is in it’s own hands and with a game in hand the team can clinch a postseason spot this week. A win would bring the team to 34 points through 15 games which would make it out of the reach of fifth place NY Shamrock SC (24 points).

To not make the playoffs all together would be pretty difficult to do but the Shamrocks are hoping for it. If the Stars lose all four of their remaining games and the Rocks win all of theirs, plus the NY Greek Americans & Lansdowne Yonkers FC win two of their final three, then last year’s First Division runner-ups would be on the outside looking in.

3: NY Greek Americans (27 pts) - A four game winning streak this spring has helped the Greeks find themselves in control of their own playoff destiny. The easiest way of course is to just win the last three games, but the team would clinch with two wins and a loss by NY Shamrock SC in one of its final three games.

4: Lansdowne Yonkers FC (25 pts) - After one of the worst losing streaks in recent memory to start the 2018-19 season, the Bhoys now hold the final and most highly contested playoff spot in Division 1. There isn’t any safety below the Bhoys in regards to falling to another playoff spot, but the team can climb to the second place spot at best in the time remaining. NY Shamrock SC is right behind the team in terms of points, so Lansdowne needs to focus on winning if it wants to stay ahead.

Still in the hunt:
5: NY Shamrock SC (24 pts) - The Rocks are just on the outside of the playoff party thanks to the loss last week to New York Athletic Club. Not all hope is gone though and the team has two possible playoff routes. If they win out (beating the gauntlet of NY Greek Americans, Lansdowne Yonkers, and Cedar Star Academy) the team will by default take the last playoff spot from the Bhoys. The second option is if the team loses to either the Greeks or Lansdowne, then the Shamrocks would need the other team in the equation to lose at least two of their final three while the Rocks win their other two games (beating Lansdowne on points and Greeks possibly on point differential).

6: Zum Schneider FC 03 (20 pts) - A generally strong spring season (3-1-1) after a rocky start to the year has allowed Zum to stay in the playoff hunt this long. For it to all payoff though a lot of pieces need to fall into place. 

Let’s break it down like this: 
If the team wins out and finishes with a final point total of 29, it will make the playoffs in either the third or fourth spot if either A) The Greek Americans lose all three of their games and the NY Shamrock SC lose the two games that aren't against the Greeks or B) Lansdowne Yonkers FC lose at least two of their final three games and the Rocks don’t win two games for the rest of the season.

If the team only wins two of its final three for a max total of 26 points, the options change based on who they loss to (Lansdowne, Athletic Club, or Greeks). If it’s Lansdowne this week the season is over but if it is to NYAC or NYGA then the team needs Yonkers & the Shamrocks to lose all of their remaining games and tie on Sunday, May 11 to force a decision based on goal differential / head-to-head.

7: Doxa FC (17 pts) - Doxa is still mathematically in it but will need a miracle to make the postseason. This is the exact combination of events that need to transpire for the team to MAYBE take the final playoff spot:

This week: 
Lansdowne Yonkers FC lose to Zum Schneider FC 03
NY Shamrocks SC lose to NY Greek Americans
Doxa FC beats Hoboken FC 1912

Next week:
Lansdowne Yonkers FC draws NY Shamrocks SC
Zum Schneider FC 03 lose to NY Athletic Club
Doxa FC beats Central Park Rangers Whites

Final week:
Lansdowne Yonkers FC loses to NY Pancyprian Freedoms
NY Shamrocks SC lose to Cedar Star Academy
Zum Schneider FC 03 lose to NY Greek Americans
Doxa FC beats NY Athletic Club

All of this happening would even Lansdowne and Doxa on points meaning a tie-breaker would come into play and would give Doxa the chance to advance - but it is not guaranteed.

8: NY Athletic Club (14 pts)
9: Hoboken FC 1912 (8 pts)
- Relegation zone
10: Central Park Rangers Whites (5 pts) - Relegation zone













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