CSL streams League and Saunders Draw

Yesterday the league cups draw was held and conducted live on UStream from the CSL offices offices in Edgewater, NJ...

Yesterday the league cups draw was held and conducted live on UStream from the CSL offices in Edgewater, NJ. The brackets will be posted on the website tomorrow. The first round matches are:

League Cup

Manhattan Kickers  vs. NYAC Reserves
NY Ittihad vs. NYC Rovers
NY Shamrock vs. Hoboken FC Reserve
Manhattan Celtic Reserves vs. CPR Whites 
New Amsterdam United vs. Sporting Astoria
Stal Mielec vs.  CD Iberia
FC Japan vs. CPR Reds
Manhattan Celtic vs. NY Ukrainians

Saunders Cup

NY Ukrainians Reserves vs. Williamsburg International
Manhattan Celtic Legends vs. NY Shamrock Over-30
NYC Metro Stars vs. Doxa FC Reserves
CPR Legends vs. NY Shamrock Reserves
Barnstonworth Metro vs. SC Gjoa 
Hoboken FC Over-30 vs. New Amsterdam United Reserves
Mola vs. FC Partizani
Manhattan Kickers Over-30 vs. Manhattan Celtic Bhoys

The first round matches are scheduled for Sunday, March 8th. Some teams have asked to have the first round match on Saturday, March 7th. As a general rule, we have accommodated that request if both teams play in the first and second divisions and there is a field available. Please note, though, that field space is tough. Some first round matches may also be played on March 15th assuming both clubs have an off week. If your clubs wishes to play on Match 7th or March 15th, please speak with your opponent and let the league know and we can see if we can accommodate. 

Please note that if any matches are not played because of weather, they would be made up on March 15 (if both teams have an off week), another off week, if available, or midweek.

As in past years, please note that the team listed first is the home team. That team will have the first option of playing the match at home. If that team does not have a home field, then the away team has the option to play the match at its home field. The team not supplying the home field is responsible for the referee fee.

If neither team has a home field, the game will be played at a league supplied field and the teams will split the cost of the referee.

If there are assistant referees, that cost is evenly split.

Finally, if using a combined roster (i.e. using players not listed on the team roster on the CSL website), your team must submit a roster form listing 30 eligible players. If only using the players listed on your team's roster on the CSL website, there is no need to submit a roster form. 

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