1. Division 1. NY Athletic Club. Tenenbaum, Jeremy. Red Card, 2nd Yellow. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.

2. Division 1. Sporting SC vs. Zum Schneider FC 03 . Visiting team (Zum Schneider FC 03) has the choice of playing the match at their home field on a date of their choosing, at the cost of the home team (in this case, Sporting SC) or, to accept a forfeit of 3:0. The fine is the standard for forfeiting: $200 payable to Zum Schneider FC 03, if they chose to play the match, and to the CSL office if they choose to accept the 3:0. 

3. Division 1 Reserve. Doxa FC Reserves. Vallejo Perez, Christian. Red Card, Violent Conduct. Elbow, Deliberate attemot to injure opponent. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.

4. Division 1 Reserve. Lansdowne Yonkers FC Reserves. Pinski, Steven. Red Card, 2nd Yellow. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION. 

5. Division 1 Reserve. NY Greek Americans Reserve. Actions of the NY Greek Americans Reserve caused match to not be completed. MATCH AWARDED TO NY SHAMROCK SC RESERVE 3:0. $80 FINE TO BE PAID TO REFEREE and $100 FINE TO BE PAID TO NY SHAMROCK SC RESERVE. 

6. Division 1 Reserve. NY Pancyprian Freedoms Reserve. Montano, Victor. Red Card, Violent Conduct. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.

7. Division 1 Reserve. NY Shamrock SC Reserve. Gaynor, Rob. Red Card, Abusive Language. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.

8. Division 2. Richmond County FC vs Stal Mielec NY. Richmond County FC is fined $200 for disturbance leading to a match abandonment payable to the league. If Richmond County can provide proof that the person who ran onto the field was a registered player and not a spectator, then the fine will be assessed to him and not the club.

9. Division 2. Richmond County FC vs Stal Mielec NY. The match was abandoned on the actions/responsibility of Richmond County. That would ordinarily grant the match to Stal Mielec NY. But Stal Mielec NY used an illegal player, knowingly or not. Therefore, the match is ordered to be replayed on the expense of Richmond County FC at a CSL field. Richmond County FC has the option to decline to replay the match. In that case the score will be 3:0 to Stal Mielec NY and Richmond County FC will be assessed a $200 FORFEIT FINE TO BE PAID TO STAL MIELEC.

10. Division 2. Richmond County FC. Mohamed Maussa Ndao. Actions Leading to a Match Abandonment. 4 MATCH SUSPENSION. $200 FINE.

11. Division 2 Reserve. Desportiva Sociedad NY Reserves. Manoharan, Dubi. Red Card, Violent Conduct-Punching an Opponent. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.

12. Division 3. NYPD Futbol Iliria. FORFEIT. Score registered 3:0 to NYC Metro Stars. $100.00 FINE TO BE PAID TO NYC METRO STARS.

13. Over 30 Division. Manhattan Celtic Legends. FORFEIT. Score registered 3:0 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over-30. $200.00 FINE TO BE PAID TO NY PANCYPRIAN FREEDOMS.

14. Over 40 Division. Astoria United SC. Radoncic, Mersland. Red Card, Violent Conduct-In Match Play. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION. 

15. Over-40 Division. Banatul SC. FORFEIT. Score registered 3:0 to Shamrock NY SC Over-40. $100.00 FINE TO BE PAID TO NY SHAMROCK SC.

16. Over 40 Division. Barnstonworth Rovers. Morales, Aldo. Red Card, Violent Conduct- In Match Play. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.













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