Shamrocks Prove Their Goalscoring Power and Celtic Chase Hoboken

By Matthew Waheibi

Shamrocks Prove Their Goalscoring Power and Celtic Chase Hoboken

Saturday, October 17th, 2020


Polonia SC vs. Stal Mielec NY (1-2)

A game that would have likely been played at McCarren Park, instead occurred 20 miles away in Yonkers, NY. The two Polish sides didn’t let distance come between a clash on the pitch as four yellows and a straight red were distributed throughout the game. In addition, Polonia Head Coach, Radoslaw Kucharski received a yellow, his first of the season.


This is Polonia’s second straight loss and are conceding 2.3 goals a game on average this season. They face Manhattan Kickers who will only have a three-day rest period due to their midweek game against Richmond County.


Sunday, October 18th, 2020


NY Shamrock SC vs. Beyond FC (4-0)

The Shamrocks ignited their goal scoring power again on Sunday as they put 4 goals past Beyond FC, walking away with a clean sheet. Shamrocks were met with a committed Beyond side that didn’t let up on big plays in the first half. Shamrocks were struggling to make a solid connection in the opposing third which Coach, Paddy Geraghty took note of. Beyond were able to hold the Shamrocks to the half time whistle with scoreline at 0-0.


Heading into the second half Geraghty had a new plan for the Shamrocks and it became quickly visible. Shamrocks held possession most of the half and Beyond struggled to break their tempo. Shamrocks were much quicker with their runs off the ball and the cohesive passing game was able to break apart the Beyond defense. Shamrocks found a spurt of time where James Whyte, Chris Uy and Jonathan Uy all scored goals for the boys in green. Jonathan collected 2 of those goals to make the game 4-0 at the final whistle.


James Whyte and Jonathan Uy continue to be an attacking threat for the Shamrocks helping them reach 10 goals scored over the first three weeks. Shamrocks are quickly adaptable and will be a challenge for Zum Schneider on Sunday.


Hoboken FC 1912 vs. Zum Schneider FC 03 II (2-0)

Hoboken continue to dominate as they pick up another win and their second clean sheet. Zum Schneider held Hoboken for 70 minutes until Eric Terzer took the ball up 40 yards in the right wing and crossed it into the box for Louis Mobbs to head into the net. Just a few minutes later, Mobbs got on the score sheet again in similar fashion. Mobbs drove the ball up on the left in a tidy combination play. The ball then given to Kevin Halliday to cross it to Mobbs scoring another header and topping it off, 2-0.


Zum Schneider were able to break into Hoboken’s half but always had the rhythm broken up by the Jersey side defense. This is Zum’s third straight loss putting them at the bottom of the table still. Zum will have to shape up their defensive tactics as they face the NY Shamrock SC on Sunday night.


Kelmendi FC NY vs. Real Ole FC (0-1)

Real Ole squeeze by with the help of a 10-man Kelmendi and claim their first win of the season over at Tibbets Brook Park. Real Ole played with an empty bench and while they accumulated three yellows in the game, they were careful to not to get to close to the edge as they could still be playing with an empty bench in the future.


Fabio Hernandez was the lifeline for Real Ole in the first half. Hernandez stopped a penalty in the 25th minute after a handball was called. The second half is where Real Ole saw light as Kelmendi’s AT-Stath Reiner received his second yellow in the 70th minute. A 10-man Kelmendi side eventually broke down when Real Ole’s Christian Henry scored in the 85th minute after an incredible run by Paul Makaj. Real Ole took a strong defensive stance keeping the score 0-1 at the final whistle.


Real Ole will need to continue a strong defensive hold as their next game is against division leaders, Hoboken FC.


Manhattan Celtic vs. NY Greek Americans II (3-1)

Another win for Celtic continues to put them at the top, chasing Hoboken FC as division leaders. Celtic had strong individual performances from Kwadwo (Kojo) Asante, Sean Doran and returning captain, Marco Charnas who all got on the scoresheet for Celtic. Their teammates, Dan Korman and Cesar Serna recorded assists.


The Celtic players showed they can win but it wasn’t a great example of a team win. There were a lot of missed connections in the midfield and the Greek Americans were able to take advantage of those errors. Celtic proves that they’re top of the table contender but in order to outplay their next match against Manhattan Kickers, they’ll have to mesh their talents together to keep the win streak alive.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2020


Manhattan Kickers vs. Richmond County FC (2-1)

This midweek matchup of the two teams in 4th (Manhattan 4th from the top and Richmond County 4th from the bottom) brought another 2-1 win for the Manhattan side.


This is Richmond County’s first loss of the season.












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