Spring Valley wins ahead of playoff clash with Hoboken - Week 20 Review

by Johan Abdu

Spring Valley wins ahead of playoff clash with Hoboken - Week 20 Review

@futbolarena on Twitter: "Malatyaspor USA, who struggled to win the championship in the United States Cosmopolitan Football League, won the Spring Valley FC 4-3 defeated in the event of a winner." (Translated from Turkish)  - May 21st, 2018


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As the final run of league matches for the 2nd Division has come and gone, the playoff matches for the top 2 teams in both the North and South are confirmed. The league has seen some tense matches take place in the month of May.  




- SUN., May 20th, 2018




Stal Mielec go past the Japanese!


At the Bushwich Inlet, FC Japan’s encounter against Stal Mielec NY ended in a 4-2 wins for the Polish team.  


Stal Mielec gets a 4-2 win over FC Japan last Sunday and will end the season in a respectable 3rd place finish in the South with 31 points a record of 10 wins, a draw and 4 losses in all 16 matches. They also were on the most productive teams going forward and defensively as they scored 52 and conceded 29, the 3rd least conceded goals tally in the entire 2nd Division.  


A Bartłomiej Dziuban hat-trick and a goal by Jacek Lawniczak may have been the high points for the Poles but with such a distance away from playoff contention, both teams realized there wasn’t much left to play for at Bushwick and Mielec Coach Miroslaw Pasternak was not incredibly impressed with the win. “We were weak today, but the Japanese are even weaker.” Pasternak told the club’s website the day after the match.  


FC Japan had the same mentality going into the game. They actually went 2-1 up into the game surprisingly early before the heat of the Sunday afternoon got to both teams in different ways. They’ll now finish their season with a record of 2 wins, 3 draw and 11 losses in 16 matches alongside a final total of 9 points. 







Hoboken FC 1912 restore their Southern dominance! 



It was first versus second in the South: New Jersey-based Hoboken FC 1912 versus Polish outfit Polonia Gwardia New York.


Polonia Gwardia lost 3-1 against Hoboken FC at Randall’s Island this past Sunday and proved to be a pivotal win towards going into the D2 Championship playoff matches positively. Two teams who are best suited to today’s standard of D1 football in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, it’s was always gonna be tough to edge out a winner in this match.  


Hoboken now go into the playoffs with a final league position of 39 points - 12 wins, 3 ties and a single loss having scored the most goals all season in the Division with a jaw-dropping 73 scored. Defensively, they also were solid and only allowed 20 goals all season. 3 of Hoboken’s top scorers rank among the best in the South in the shape of Jeremy Witherspoon, Tom Hogue and Cory Chaplin with 11, 15 and 17 goals respectfully.


Polonia Gwardia, on the other hand, have boasted the league’s best defense and surprisingly do not crack the top 3 high-scoring teams this season in the process. They have only allowed 17 goals in 16 matches with a final league record of 12 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.


Hoboken is set to face the D2 Northern leaders FC Spring Valley in the Cosmo League 2nd Division Championship final on June 3rd.

Polonia Gwardia NY will also play on the 3rd of June for the other possible promotion spot against the current Northern 2nd placed team which is KidSuper Samba AC.


The winner of the 2nd Division Championship gets promoted to Division 1 next season. The loser will have one more chance at promotion as they’ll play against the winner between Polonia Gwardia and KidSuper Samba on June 10th.






Malatyaspor nearly comeback against dominant Spring Valley!


A fiery encounter between Malatyaspor USA and Spring Valley resulted in a 4-3 win for FCSV and controversial decisions all around.


With Malatyspor leading in the first half, debated defensive decisions (try saying THAT three times fast…) lead to 3 consecutive penalties. The team would later be punished even harder when they eventually went down to 9 men with 2 red cards aimed at the Turks. Despite everything, the team almost went on to win the game but couldn’t get that elusive 4th goal to level the scoring.


Malatyapsor will now end their 2017/18 season with a final league position of 3rd in the Northern Division, winning 9, drawing just once and losing 6 of their 16 matches this campaign.  



FC Spring Valley has been riding high off their momentum this season and are top of the North. They now sit at 34 points with 11 wins, a single draw and 4 losses all season.  





Beyond nabs their final win of the season!


A collection of 8 great goals wound up on the final result with a 5-3 win for Beyond FC against NY Ukranians at Laurel Hill Field in New Jersey. 


NY Ukrainians will be set in 6th place in the South, not moving much up the table with this win. This season turned out a step in the wrong direction as they now sit a position lower than last season's final position at 5th.   


Beyond FC will once again finish lower-half table this season at 7th place in the Southern Division. Their final win-loss record is set at 4 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses.







Reds nab a win & take a loss!


Central Park Rangers have to settle with 5th in the North as they won against Sporting South Bronx but failed to best NYPD FC later in the week.


Soundview Park was the venue for the Sunday matchup against Sporting Astoria where the Reds won 5-0. A convincing rout for the Manhattan-based club with 19 years of history, their win-loss record sits 9 wins and 7 losses in 16 matches this season.  


Central Park would later play NYPD FC on Tuesday, May 22nd, meeting up at Randall's Island Field #70. They would go on to lose that encounter 2-0, landing them in 5th place in the Northern Division. 


8th place in the North goes to Sporting South Bronx. After taking this loss to Central Park, they lost to Brishna in a close 2-1 result later that week.

Brishna now sit at a high 3rd place in the Northern Division after drawing to Manhattan Celtic last weekend. They also have the chance at glory where they will face Williamsburg International FC in the Jack Flamhaft Cup final this Sunday. 








Club Deportivo Iberia nabs their last win of the season with a 4-2 win over Panathinakos USA at Randall's Island.  


Final Position:

Club Deportivo Iberia: 5th Place - South Division

Panathinakos USA: Last Place - South Division





KidSuper Samba AC is heading to the D2 Promotion semi-final as they sit in 2nd in the North and will against Polonia Gwardia of the South on June 3rd. They took an automatic 3-0 win to Bronx Supreme FC, who forfeited their matchup last weekend. 

Bronx Supreme FC now sits rock bottom of the league in the North. 


Final Position:

KidSuper Samba AC: 2nd Place / Playoff Semi-Finalist - North Division

Bronx Supreme FC: Last Place - North Division





Manhattan Celtic ended their season with a 3-3 draw to Brishna with a record of 7 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses.  


Final Position:

Manhattan Celtic: 6th Place - North Division





Williamsburg International FC wins one over Panatha on Wednesday, May 23rd and now end their regular season play with 27 points and a shot at the Jack Flamhaft Cup in the final against the aforementioned Brishna.


Final Position:

Williamsburg International FC: 5th Place - South Division













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