We fully expect to win every game - Introducing Real Ole FC

by Johan Abdu

We fully expect to win every game - Introducing Real Ole FC

Real Olé FC squad photo in 2018 - Property of Real Olé FC



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Real Olé FC are one of the Cosmpolitan Soccer League's newest clubs to enter the league this season.

To find out who are the newcomers are, the CSL spoke to Real Olé FC's Nick vonEgypt to talk about their history, their upcoming season and expectations on what the 2nd Division will hold. 









Q: Who are you and what’s your role at the club?



My name is Nick vonEgypt and I'm a former professional and collegiate player.

I grew up in Dutchess County and have strong roots in this area. My role with Real Olé FC is Director of Operations. I am also the coach of the 2002 BU-17 Premier team. In addition to my coaching and director roles, I will also be a player on the D2 Real Ole Cosmopolitan League team.

I have 2 years of experience playing with Doxa and Lansdowne in the 1st division of this league and I have also played with Kingston Stockade in its inaugural season in 2016. 








Q: What is Real Olé FC and how did it come about?



Real Olé FC is a soccer club located in Hyde Park.

We have 8 youth premier teams, which just started playing!

It was founded by former pro Patrick Alvarez.







Q: Is the team excited for this upcoming 2018/19 season of the CSL?



We are very excited to be joining the historic CSL! We are looking forward to showcasing what Dutchess County has to offer. 

We are also very excited to be playing in front of our fans at home and we hope to make it a great atmosphere for our youth players! 







Q:  Any players on the first team tipped to make a splash in the CSL?



We are lucky enough to have a few guys who have proven they are able to play and score in the first division of the CSL: Patrick Alvarez formerly with Doxa, Fernando Cortez formerly with Doxa and NY Cosmos, and myself with Lansdowne and Doxa.

The rest of our squad consists of top college players that have been playing with and against each other since they were little kids. 







Q: How do you see the competition?



The competition in the CSL is very tough.

We know what the competition is like in the 1st Division and we know it doesn't get any easier in the 2nd division. We have played a few games against D2 teams, so we are hoping this experience aids us in our fight to the 1st division.









Q: What are some of your expectations for this season in the D2?



We fully expect to win every game and be promoted to the first division this season.

We start the season off with a tough game against the defending champions of the North Conference (FC Spring Valley).

We actually watched their playoff game against Hoboken FC last season! We are hoping to get a result and use that momentum help us succeed this season.









Q: What will the Cosmo League come to expect from Real Olé come the end of the season?



The CSL can expect a very tough game whenever we step on the field. We have a very tall, strong, and physical team and plan to use this to our advantage during our games.

Hopefully, we will be hoisting up the 2nd Division championship trophy! 









Q: Where can CSL fans find Real Olé on social media?



Follow us on Instagram: @RealOleFC, like and follow us on our Facebook page and visit our website at www.RealOleFC.com.













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